Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Matthew sporting my first sewing project.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

By now you've probably heard the shocking news about the risks of using polycarbonate baby bottles due to the leaching of Bisphenol-A from the bottles into the liquids that they contain. According to a 2007 study by Environment California Research and Policy Center, consuming Bisphenol-A increases cancer-cell growth, increases the risk of becoming diabetic or obese and can also have negative effects on the human reproductive system, and children are most susceptible to this substance's presence. (Adults should be careful too - clear plastic bottles for water contain the same substance.)

The good news is that good alternatives now do exist, like the brand Born Free. Celeb parents including Jessica Alba (who just gave birth to her first baby, Honor Marie Warren) are snatching up these Bisphenol-A-free bottles for their babies. Born Free feeding systems are now available at Whole Foods stores nationwide.

Green to Grow Baby BottlesUpdate: We just discovered another new PES bottle by Green to Grow. These bottles are made with the same bisphenol-a-free PES material as the Born Free bottles, and they are packaged in 100% recycled packaging. And we love the cute apple design on the bottles!

Matthew helping in the garden

This picture of Matthew in the flower pot is symbolic to how big he has grown in the past 2 months. He does not understand whats to come but he is growing up so fast.
Check out those curls